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Please explain to me why my French final tomorrow morning is stressing me out so hard right now?! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! JE DETESTE LA NOUVELLE FRANCOPHONE!!!!!!! Quel tas de merde, écoute, je ferais une attente sur mes jours pourtant je rentre chez moi jeudi l'après-midi. JE M'EN BAS LES COUILLES DE TOUS CES COURS!!!!! arghh.

Anyway, the rant en français was necessary. Two more days. Two. more. days.

-- your's in hatefulness, Matthew

muh schedule...

Here's my schedule for next semester. Overall a good party, I guess:

Course Number Description Day(s) Time(s) Bldg-Room Instructor Credits Grd Type
SOCY-210-001Inequality:Class,Race,EthnTF12:45PM 02:00PMTBA TBAB. Dickerson3.00A-F
MATH-151-003Finite MathematicsMTH12:45PM 02:00PMTBA TBA 3.00A-F
GERM-132-001German, Elementary IMTH09:55AM 11:10AMTBA TBA 4.00A-F
  W09:55AM 10:45AMTBA TBA   
LFS-210-003Latin Amer: Hist, Art, LitMTH08:30AM 09:45AMTBA TBA 3.00A-F
FREN-328-002French Trans:Concepts & PractTF03:35PM 04:50PMTBA TBAE. Dawley3.00A-F

Total Credits:

I mean, only one 8:30, and my friend took that class and said it was pretty easy. I'm really excited about German, but not at all excited about French. It's a class on translation, how boring does that sound?! ugh...American sucks for foreign languages, which is totally ironic given its prestige concerning SIS. Whatever. I seriously hope they get their act together soon though, cause as it is they offer jack shit. Putas! Oh, and if anyone can help me out with math, I'd greatly appreciate it! lol

I started a livejournal cause my friend, Cat, was talking about it a couple of days ago. It actually sounds like an interesting project since so much shit happens in college. It might be kind of fun to read back over the posts and make fun of myself (and my friends) and do a little bit of judging in the future, so I see this post as the start of something good...and hilarious. Ok, so I guess I should make a promise to post at least once a week, but I'm not that great with promises so don't hold me to it. By the way, this is weird since I keep referring to someone and I'm pretty sure nobody's going to read this! So I guess I'll start with describing what's going on: I've got a take-home final to do today for my Cross-Cultural Comm. class and a French final to study for that's on Tuesday. It's basically a good party in the library basement right now. I'm going home next thursday though, so I'm reallly stoked about that. I wanted to stay in DC for the summer earlier in the semester but I licked the red off that candy real quick after everyone started sucking so much halfway through. It's not my friends here really, I just need a break and some beach time with my best friend back home to recharge my batteries. Here are my summer goals (maybe if I write them down I can actually accomplish some of them): Make some money, lose some weight from this god-awful freshman 115 haha, get my driver's license, and volunteer a little bit with someone in the area...just not PETA lol. In conclusion: I need to work on my damn c.c. comm. final. DAMN!

XOXO Gossip Girl......JUST KIDDING! (I threw that one in for my partner in crime Cat, LYLAS!)




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